High-containment bridge railings

MDS manufactures Test Level 4 and Test Level 5 bridge railings that are accepted for use on Federal Aid projects in the United States. In the U.S. the MDS bridge railings and manufactured and marketed by Trinity Highway Products. Some of the features of the MDS bridge railings are:

 Crash test performance accepted by U.S. DOT Federal Highway Administration for Report 350 and the new AASHTO MASH for test levels four and five,

 An optional noise wall that does not require more deck space or hinder snow removal,

 A sliding base attachment to the deck which results in deck forces less than 4.2 kips/ft (61 kN/m) of lateral load and 1.53 ft-kips/ft (68 kN-m/m) of bending moment in the tractor-trailer truck test. Much less than a conventional rigid attachment for concrete bridge railings.

 Light weight (i.e., approximately 62.5 lbs/ft (78 kg/m) for the MDS-4 and 97 lbs/ft (121 kg/m) for the MDS-5 barrier).

 Easy attachment to the bridge deck that facilitates use in temporary or permanent construction.

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